Positive Growth

Growth and positive change come through disciplined practice.

If you want a purposeful, meaningful, and joyful life you must practice by the choices you make daily – no matter what the circumstances – press on.

Through action, we learn what we are capable of doing, and you sense what you are capable of becoming.

Vieuxtemps_Guarneri.pngAnne Akiko Meyers playing the Vieuxtemps Guarneri world’s most renowned violin. Image: feelguide.com

Right now, every day, I am developing my habits, purpose, and virtues because I am practicing those endeavors under pressure and self-discipline. Slowly we can create passionate purpose through a constant, excellent work… The excellence many times is simply doing the right things daily if our heart is pounding or knees shaking we carry on and follow through doing what’s right even if no one else sees it. The everyday unsung hero, this is the backbone and foundation of our community. I’ll say it again, Hero; Something our children need to understand but I will expand on that another time. For now, let’s keep in mind excellence.

 For me, I try things. I fail. I reflect. I plan. I act.

I practice resilience as a virtue – I pursue excellence in my endeavors and I endure pain with a hope of a good future. There are many areas I can learn in, and many things I can do and improve on. Life is full of wonder and life is engaging… and hard.

Invest in people helping-hand

Photograph by: Carla Froshaug @ Fine Art America

 You see, I know people do improve their lives, sometimes radically, but there’s only one way this happens – It happens through hard work – the hard work of practicing excellence. Noteworthy excellence not perfection… I fail, and I learn. You could say- if you’re not failing you’re not living.



That Said, I no longer expect my life to build by dramatic acts, but by accumulation – practicing skills, repeatedly, consistently with excellence – it is then in moments of practice and effort the timeless truths of wisdom manifest themselves in our lives. Sometimes by trials and pain, sometimes by patience and consistency, but always through perseverance – constant daily choices for excellence practiced.

Not to over simplify things, but to avoid the pleonasms plaguing many blog posts today I will leave you with this…


In conclusion, let us carry on with a hope, a purpose for ourselves, family, and our community – We all know anything worth having comes from hard work – the benefits of struggling, of being challenged, afraid, pained, confused are priceless if we endure serving a higher purpose with hope, by practicing our virtues constantly, press on. This is the path to a meaningful, joyful life.

  Be the hero our children need.

Hope you enjoyed this!

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  1. Love this post! I love the focus on process and practice of resiliency!


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  2. Anonymous says:

    Very true to life’s experiences when we decide to keep on keeping on.

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  3. Great post. Love the positivity. 🙂

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  4. Love you site, love the piece. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

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  5. KavaraStories says:

    This is truly inspirational. Thank you for the read. Like you, I am also interested in writing inspirational pieces. I hope you will check out my blog too! kavarastories.wordpress

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  6. I agree that the things that we go through serve a higher purpose. The children of the world pay attention to the way adults handle these situations as well. When we realize that we can’t control everything that we go through, we are well on our way to living a meaningful life. Great post!

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  7. Gemma says:

    This is a lovely piece, really enjoyed reading it 🙂 hope you’ll check out/follow my blog too 🙂 myhappycornerblog.wordpress

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